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B3W | Belt Drive Linear Actuators

B3W Group Tolomatic B3W linear belt drive actuators incorporate an enclosed recirculating bearing system that eliminates the need for external load guidance.
These actuators deliver repeatability, smooth operation and 100% duty cycle with a long service life. The B3W is capable of accommodating heavy loads and handling high bending moments with consistency.
Available in three body sizes, US customary (standard) and metric (optional) construction, they can achieve load carrying capacities up to 8,032 lbf (35.7 kN) and Strokes up to 414 in (5,258 mm).
The wide urethane-steel belt delivers a high level of thrust with no stretch

B3 Switches


These actuators offer a range of sensing options.
There are 10 sensing choices:
DC Reed, Form A (Open) or Form C (Open or Closed); AC Reed (Triac,Open); Hall-Effect PNP (sourcing), Hall-Effect NPN (sinking) each with either flying leads or quick disconnect.

Switches contain reverse polarity protection. QD cables are shielded; shield should be terminated at flying lead end.

All switches are CE rated and are RoHS compliant.

B3W Variants

TypeMax. StrokeBelt Dead LenPully Pitch DiaStrokeScrewTurns Per InRepeatabilityMax. VelocityMax. AccelerationInertia Zero StrokeInertia Of CarrierInertia Per/in StrokeBreakaway TQ CarrierBreakaway TQ Aux Carrier Opt



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Dynamic Bending Moments And Loads

B3 Bending

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