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IMA-S | Stainless Steel Integrated Servo Actuators

The IMA-S is a hygienically designed integrated electric servo actuator for the food and beverage processing industry.
IMA-S Group The IP69K hygienic design features all 316 stainless steel construction and hygienic fasteners/cord grips which allows for open machine designs and effective clean-in-place compatibility.

Tolomatic’s integrated motor products (IMA & IMAS) support integration with a wide range manufacturers’ servo drives. Feedback options include multi-turn absolute encoders (Hiperface DSL, Hiperface Sin-Cos, EnDat 2.2), incremental encoder, and a resolver to integrate with most PLC or control systems.

IMA-S Specifications

 †Requires HT1 Option
  **Max. force only in extend (retract force 15,000 lbf)
TypeStackStrokeScrewScrew Lead (in)Cont. Force (lbf)Peak ForceDynamic Load Rt (lbf)Back Drive Frc.Base Intertia (lb-in²)Max Velocity (in/sec)Inertia Per Unit Of Stroke (lb-in²/in)Friction Tq. (in-lb)
IMA-ST2213 to 12BN050.1971003251286490.22383140.001483

IMA-ST2236 to 12BN050.1972583251286490.4296140.001483

IMA-ST2213 to 12BN100.39450305989250.2270119.60.001823

IMA-ST2236 to 12BN100.394129325989250.4338119.60.001823

IMA-ST3313 to 18BN050.19726910001958780.78337120.003514.8

IMA-ST3336 to 18BN050.19777910001958781.5051911.50.003514.8

IMA-ST3313 to 18BN100.3941346511214390.7906719.60.004084.8

IMA-ST3336 to 18BN100.3943899001214391.5142119.60.004084.8

IMA-ST3313 to 18BN200.787673262560200.8588219.60.013554.8

IMA-ST3336 to 18BN200.7871957732560201.6107619.60.013554.8

IMA-ST3313 to 18RN040.15729214179236980.783799.60.003725.3

IMA-ST3336 to 18RN040.15784725009236981.506249.20.003725.3

IMA-ST3313 to 18RN050.197234113410211780.78485120.00385.3

IMA-ST3336 to 18RN050.197678250010211781.5075311.50.00385.3

IMA-ST3313 to 18RN100.39411756710211390.794919.60.004685.3

IMA-ST3336 to 18RN100.394339134610211391.5202219.60.004685.3

IMA-SA3330 to 12RN040.1578472500102111181.647039.20.010226.4

IMA-SA3330 to 12RN050.197678250010211941.6489311.50.010296.4

IMA-SA3330 to 12RN100.394339134610211471.6740919.60.011496.4

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