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TRS Group The Tolomatic TRS twin profile rail linear stage actuator series has an enclosed design and is built to be both highly rigid, precise, and accurate.
This linear stage is designed to minimize overall machine footprint and is stroke configurable to maximize design flexibility. Available in 100, 165, & 225 sizes and capable of handling loads up to 4,320lb (1,960 kg). There are stroke lengths available up to 86.6in (2,200mm), with travel speeds up to 50in/s (1,270 mm/s)

*Roller Nut Lead Accuracy: ± 0.0004in/ft (± 0.0102mm/300mm)
*Ball Nut Lead Accuracy: ± 0.004in/ft (± 0.100 mm/300mm)

MX Switches


These actuators offer a wide range of sensing choices.
There are 12 switch choices:
Reed, Solid State PNP (sourcing) or Solid State NPN (sinking); in normally open or normally closed; with flying leads or quick-disconnect.

Commonly used for end-of-stroke positioning, these switches allow drop-in installation anywhere along the entire actuator length. The one-piece design includes the retained fastening hardware and is designed for any open side or bottom slot on the MX. The internal piston magnet is a standard feature, therefore these switches can be installed in the field at any time.

All switches are CE rated and are RoHS compliant.
Switches feature bright red or yellow LED signal indicators; solid state switches also have green LED power indicators.

TRS Variants

*Screw Type:
RN = Roller Nut      BN = Ball Nut
TypeMotor ConfigMax. StrokeScrew CodeLeadAccuracyStrokeScrewTurns Per InLead AccuracyBacklashThrustInertia InlineInertia Rev ParaInertia Per/in StrokeDynamic TQ








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