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RSX | Extreme Force Electric Actuators

The RSX family of extreme high force electric linear actuators are more efficient and offer increased precision compared to hydraulic cylinders.
RSX Group Tolomatic precision ground planetary roller screws are utilized to achieve long life and precision. The RSX platform is designed and tested for long life and reliable performance in demanding conditions including cold weather operation.

Tolomatic RSX actuators are an ideal choice for replacing hydraulic cylinders.
These high force electric actuators are available for forces up to 50,000 lbf (222.4 kN). Designed for 100% duty cycle, the RSX utilizes planetary roller screws for long lasting consistent performance. Additionally, the RSX uses Tolomatic’s popular "Your Motor Here" program which allows RSX to easily mount many servo motor and gearboxes on the market.
IP65 ingress protection is standard while IP67 is an available option.


RSA, RSX and GSA products offer a wide range of sensing choices.
There are twelve standard switch choices: reed, solid state PNP (sourcing) or solid state NPN (sinking); in normally open or normally closed; with flying leads or quick-disconnect. Commonly used for end-of-stroke positioning, these switches allow installation anywhere along the entire actuator length. The internal magnet is a standard feature.

Switches can be installed in the field at any time. Switches contain reverse polarity protection. Solid state QD cables are shielded and all switches are CE rated, RoHS compliant. Switches feature bright red or yellow LED signal indicators; solid state switches also have green LED power indicators.

RSX Specifications

 †Requires HT1 Option
  **Max. force only in extend (retract force 15,000 lbf)
SizeStrokeScrewCont. ThrustScrew Lead (in)Nominal Back Drive Force (lbf)Peak Thrust (lbf)Dynamic Load Rt (lbf)RP1STBase Intertia (lb-in²)Max Velocity (in/sec)Inertia Per Unit Of Stroke (lb-in²/in)Break Away Tq. (in-lb)
802.95 to 59.1RN1019.42.540.0012180003891435.1335.1314.3614.3655

962.95 to 59.1RN1261.12.120.001230000† 6054173.8773.8731.5934.1955

096P2.95 to 17.7RN1261.12.120.001240000**6054173.8773.8731.5934.1955

1282.95 to 48.4RN10242.22.540.00125000099519231.29231.2992.1192.1175

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