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TKS | Table Style Screw Drive Linear Actuator

TKS The Tolomatic TKS precision linear actuator is designed for applications carrying light to moderate load and requiring high precision in parameters such as flatness, straightness and accuracy.
This actuator utilizes two parallel profiled rails with four recirculating ball linear guides to provide consistent and precise performance.
XY or XYZ tables/stages can easily be created using the TKS precision linear actuator with system payloads of up to 200 lb (90 kg) and strokes in any incremental length up to 96 in (2438 mm). Choice of either acme or ball nuts

TKS Switch


There are 4 sensing choices:
DC reed, form A (open) or form C (open or closed);
Hall-effect, sourcing, PNP (open); Hall-effect, sinking, NPN (open);
These switches contain reverse polarity protection and are activated by the actuator’s magnet.

TKS Specifications

* Screw Type:   SN = Solid Nut      BN = Ball Nut
TypeScrewDiaMax. StrokeScrewTurns Per InchLead AccuracyBacklashThrustInertial InlineInertial Per/inBreak Away TQ


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