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Model 225 | Incremental Encoder

225 Controlling motor speed is essential for many production assembly machines or robotic equipment.
For tachometer feedback, or motor speed control applications, the Model 225 Accu-Coder is the ideal encoder choice. It is a thru-bore encoder available in both single channel (225A) and quadrature (225Q) models that provide a cost-effective solution for simple measurement.

Features including an all metal housing, a variety of connector options, and easy installation due to the thru-bore design, make the Model 225 ideal for many motion control and manufacturing applications.

 Single Channel & Quadrature Models
 Easy to Mount Thru-Bore Design
 Metal Construction
 Bore Sizes to 0.875"

Model 225

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
4.75 to 24 VDC(A) 32 mA max | (Q) 64 mA maxSquare wave 50% duty cycleOpen Collector | Pull Up1 to 6000 to 6 kHz4000 RPM10 oz-in typical(A) 8 oz | (Q) 10 oz3 g @ 5 to 1000 Hz20 g @ 10 ms duration

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