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Model 58TF | Incremental Encoder

58TF The Model 58TF Accu-CoderPro is a 58 mm thru-bore encoder that is specifically designed for the challenges of an industrial environment.
Its advanced set of electronics allow the encoder to be configured to meet your exact application needs. Choose from 6 output types, 32 different waveforms, and select any resolution from 1 to 65,536 CPR (262,144 counts in full quadrature).
The Model 58TF is also highly mechanically configurable, with bore options up to 5/8" or 15 mm, several flexible mounting options, multiple connector options, and sealing up to IP67.
This versatile thru-bore encoder can go in almost any application.

 Multiple Connector Options
 Resolution from 1 to 65,536 CPR
 58 mm Thru-Bore or Hollow Bore
 Sealing Options up to IP67

Model 58TF

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
4.75 to 30 VDC max100 mA max with no output loadIncremental, ProgrammableOpen Collector | Pull Up | Push-Pull | Line Driver1 per rev. | Programmable2.7 MHzBetter than 54 arc-sec303 Stainless Steel0.005" max±0.030 max6000 RPMIP50 3 oz-in | IP64 4 oz-in | IP66, IP67 7 oz-in5.5 x 10⁻⁴ oz-in-sec²10 oz.10 to 2000 Hz A 20g 80g @ 6 ms DurationIP50 Std; IP64, IP66, IP67 optional

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