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Model 25SP | Incremental Encoder

25SP The Model 25SP Programmable Size 25 Accu-CoderPro shaft encoder is specifically designed for the challenges of industrial environments.
But don't let the tough exterior fool you, contained within the rugged, industrial housing is an advanced set of electronics that allow the encoder to be programmed to your exact application needs.
Using EPC's optional programming module, users can select the output type, 32 different waveforms, and any resolution from 1 to 65,536 CPR -that's 262,144 counts using 4x quadrature counting.
These programming features allow a single encoder to be configured for multiple applications, enabling one encoder to replace many different part numbers -and that provides cost savings on inventory and down-time replacement.
The 25SP can be configured and shipped with specs pre-programmed, with no on-site programming needed. It comes standard with dual bearings rated for 80lbs axial or radial load, and may be specified with up to IP67 sealing.

 Fully programmable or factory configured
 Optical technology for high accuracy
 IP67 sealing available
 Resolutions from 1 to 65,536 CPR

Model 25SP

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
4.75 to 30 VDC max100 mA max with no output loadIncremental, ProgrammableOpen Collector | Pull Up | Push-Pull | Line Driver1 per rev. | Programmable2.7 MHzBetter Than 47 arc-sec8000 RPM303 Stainless Steel80 lb Max.80 lb Max.1 oz-in IP64 | 3 oz-in IP66 | 7 oz-in IP675.6 x 10⁻⁴ oz-in-sec²20 oz typical20 g @ 5 to 2000 Hz80 g @ 11 ms durationIP50 std; IP64, IP66, IP67 optional

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