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Model 716 | Incremental Encoder

711-716 The Model 716 Accu-Coder is ideally suited for applications requiring a quadrature output.
Designed for compatibility with most programmable controllers, electronic counters, motion controllers, and motor drives, it is well suited for industrial applications where it is important that the direction of rotation be known.
Critical performance specifications for the most popular resolutions and advanced Opto-ASIC circuitry - a single chip design that eliminates many board level components - increase the reliability of an already dependable and durable encoder.
With new options continually being added, the Model 716 excels in a wide variety of industrial applications.

 The original industry-standard cube
 Five versatile housing styles
 Quadrature output
 Resolutions available to 10,000 CPR

Model 716 (Std.)

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
4.75 | 28 DC up to 85°C | 24 DC up to 100°C80 mA max. with no output loadIncrementalOpen Collector | Pull Up | Push-Pull | Line DriverCPR <2500: 125 | CPR <5000: 250 | CPR <10,000: 500Within 3 arc-minutes6000 RPM303 Stainless Steel15lb .25" dia. shaft | 40lb .375" dia. shaft10lb .25" dia. shaft | 30lb .375" dia. shaft.13 oz-in typical .25" shaft | .38 oz-in typical .375" shaft6.5 x 10⁻⁶ oz-in-sec²10 oz. Std Housing10 g @ 58 to 500 Hz50 g @ 11 ms duration

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