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Model 30MT | Encoder Module

30MT The Model 30MT Accu-Coder is a compact, incremental encoder module with advanced magnetic sensing and signal processing technology.
With a built-in alignment feature, the threaded housing allows for quick, accurate air-gap setting.
Featuring resolutions from 1 to 1024 CPR, several output types, and a wide range for supply voltage, it can be configured for a variety of industrial, commercial and consumer feedback applications.
The non-contact magnetic sensor and optional sealing up to IP69K allows the Model 30MT to be applied in environments where dirt, dust and liquids are present.

 Large Tolerance For Misalignment
 Easy Alignment and Installation
 1-1024 CPR-4096 PPR Quadrature Counting
 Sealing Options to IP69K

Model 30MT

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
4.5-28 DC | 4.5-20 DC over 105°C80 mA maxIncrementalOpen Collector | Push-Pull | Line Driver350 kHzTypically within ±0.7° mechanicalHigh Temp, Toughened Nylon Composite0.008" max±0.020" max0.7 oz typical or less 20 g @ 10 to 2000 Hz100 g @ 11 ms durationIP50 std. | IP69K available

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