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Model DR553 | Replacement Encoder

DR553 The Accu-Coder DR553 is a direct replacement encoder for the Dynapar Rotopulser Model 60.
These encoders are used on Ink Jet printers, cut to length applications, motor drive speed feedback, and a variety of other applications.

If you have tried to order the Rotopulser 60 you may have encountered long lead times. -We can get the DR553 into your hands within days, not weeks!
The DR553 from Encoder Products Company is the perfect substitution for the Rotopulser 60.

 5 - 28 VDC Input Voltage
 Quadrature With Index
 Line Driver, Push Pull Output
 Sealing Of IP64

Model DR553

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
4.75-28 VDC max up to 70° C100 mA max with no output loadIncrementalPush-Pull | Line Driver | 20 mA max per channel Up to 100 kHzCPR < 2000 = 1 | CPR > 2000 = .6 8000 RPMAll Metal | Black protective coating80lb max | Rtd. ld. 20-40lb bearing life: 1.5 x 10⁹ revs80lb max | Rtd. ld. 20-40lb bearing life: 1.5 x 10⁹ revs1 oz-in typical with IP64 seal or no seal5.2 x 10⁻⁴ oz-in-sec²11 oz typical20 g @ 58 to 500 Hz75 g @ 11 ms durationIP64

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