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Model DR686 | Replacement Encoder

DR686 Designed as a drop in replacement for the Siemens 1XP8001 encoder, the DR686 is ready for delivery.
The unique threaded shaft made this encoder hard to find, but it is a standard order at EPC.
Configurations can be ordered with either 1024 or 2048 CPR, with a 12 pin connector at the end of 18" of cable.

Save time and money looking for a replacement encoder with the DR686 - the perfect solution!

 Line Driver Output
 1024 and 2048 CPR Available
 Opto-ASIC Technology
 IP64 Sealing

Model DR686

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
4.75 to 28 VDC (16 VDC Max at 100º C)100 mA max with no output loadIncrementalLine Driver200 kHz standard0.6 arc-minute7500 RPM 0.007" max±0.030" max0.5 oz-in3.9 X 10⁻⁴ oz-in-sec²3.5 oz typical10 g @ 58 to 500 Hz50 g @ 11 ms durationIP64

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