C3M Compax3 is Parker's global servo drive platform - offering a range of high performance single and multi-axis servo drive modules, as well as hydraulic controllers.
The C3M series of multi-axis servo drives and servo drive/controllers offer output power ratings from 3 to 20kVA, a 3*400/480VAC input power supply and a common PSU and DC bus connection permitting energy exchange between drives.
Furthermore C3M-series drives offer a cost reduction for multi-axis applications thanks to their space-saving compact panel footprint, reduced cabling requirements and the use of centralized shared components.

Based on scalable technology functions, Compax3 drives can solve a wide range of application types - from basic analogue torque/velocity and step/direction control up to intelligent drives with advanced electronic CAM control and PLCopen function modules, programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3 using the CoDeSys development environment.

C3 Options

Common Compax3 Specifications

*See Datasheet For Full Specifications
62.5 micro seconds125 micro seconds125 micro seconds14 bit ±10 VDC analogStep/Dir 5-24V, 300 kHz Freq - DifferentialT10 4 dedicated | T11 8 dedicated | T30-40 8 programmable2 dedicated; 14 bitT10-11 4 dedicated | T30-40 4 programmable2 dedicated; 8 bitIP20UL cUL CE (EMC) CE (LVD)
Compax3 Multiple Axis Drive Variants
M050 D6680 VACBussed 24 VDC8/16/32 kHz483.5DC BusSinusoidal

M100 D6680 VACBussed 24 VDC8/16/32 kHz8163.6DC BusSinusoidal

M150 D6680 VACBussed 24 VDC8/16/32 kHz12.5253.6DC BusSinusoidal

M300 D6680 VACBussed 24 VDC8/16/32 kHz24485.25DC BusSinusoidal

* See data sheet for full specifications

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