SM Series Slotless Stator, Brushless Servo Motor

SE-Series Motors Available in NEMA 16 and 23 frame sizes, SM Series motors incorporate a slotless stator and 4-pole design allowing it to operate smoothly with zero detent torque and can be driven at very high speeds.

The slotless design eliminates all detent torque in the motor, providing superior performance in applications requiring smooth, low speed operation. This design also results in higher rotor inertia, providing an advantage in applications involving high inertia loads.

*Parker can provide custom modifications to all SM motors.

SM Series Variants

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications

Note: These specifications are based on theoretical motor performance and are not specific to any amplifier.

Frame: 16 - Encoder Feedback

ModelVoltsFrameMxTQMxAmpRSpdRtdTQKWAmpSpdIP RatingWeight (Kg)
SM160A100160.288.575000.07572.5 IP40 - IP65 0.3

SM160B100160.288.575000.07554.9 IP40 - IP65 0.3

SM161A170160.558.575000.13972.2 IP40 - IP65 0.5

SM161B170160.548.575000.131004.2 IP40 - IP65 0.5

SM162A170160.998.575000.262052.2 IP40 - IP65 0.7

SM162B170161.028.575000.262044.3 IP40 - IP65 0.7

Frame: 23 - Encoder FeedbackBack To Top

ModelVoltsFrameMxTQMxAmpRSpdRtdTQKWAmpSpdIP RatingWeight (Kg)
SM230A100230.578.575000.151222.4 IP40 - IP65 0.5

SM230B100230.558.575000.151164.9 IP40 - IP65 0.5

SM231A170231.278.575000.332612.5 IP40 - IP65 1

SM231B170231.128.575000.312444.8 IP40 - IP65 1

SM232A340232.218.575000.574492.3 IP40 - IP65 1.4

SM232B170232.348.575000.64774.5 IP40 - IP65 1.4

SM233A340233.388.558000.95532.4 IP40 - IP65 1.8

SM233B170233.278.558000.855194.6 IP40 - IP65 1.8

Frame: 23 - Resolver FeedbackBack To Top

ModelVoltsFrameMxTQMxAmpRSpdRtdTQKWAmpSpdIP RatingWeight (Kg)
SM231A170231.429.875000.383002.9IP40 - IP651.0

SM231B170231.2518.575000.352775.5IP40 - IP651.0

SM232A340232.489.375000.675332.7IP40 - IP651.4

SM232B170232.6118.075000.695445.3IP40 - IP651.4

SM233A340233.789.160001.016392.7IP40 - IP651.8

SM233B170233.6617.660000.986215.3IP40 - IP651.8

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