Parker HPLA

Belt Driven Roller Wheel Rodless Linear Actuator

HPLA Parker's HPLA is a rugged “next generation” linear module that offers high speed, high acceleration, and long travel, combined with stiff, rigid construction characteristics.
It is ideally suited as a single axis product or as a component for high speed multi-axis gantries.

The HPLA carriage is rigidly supported on three sides by heavy duty roller bearings, housed in a rugged aluminum housing.
The bearing wheels are pre-loaded via eccentric bushings to eliminate play in the system, and are strategically located to evenly distribute the load across the length of the carriage.

A high strength steel reinforced drive belt and pulley system provides fast and highly repeatable positioning of the carriage. This high thrust drive belt is securely connected to the carriage by a unique clamping system. This system provides a secure connection and enables easy belt replacement without the need to remove the payload. Having a low coefficient of friction, the carriage design provides a high mechanical efficiency and long service life.

*Special carriage lengths and linear units with multiple carriages are available for custom applications.
*Clean Room Certified (up to Class 100/ISO Class 5)

HPLA Variants

HPLA8080BeltRoller Wheel5540 | 20000105± 0.2 mm1656 | 3023IP30Linear Encoder (Opt)1115

HPLA120120BeltRoller Wheel9560 | 20000105± 0.2 mm2646 | 6966IP30Linear Encoder (Opt)2235

HPLA180180BeltRoller Wheel9240 | 20000105± 0.2 mm4668 | 14900IP30Linear Encoder (Opt)5455

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