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Intelligent Parker Amplifier (IPA) Servo Drive

120 V | 240 V | Single Phase Input

IPA Drive The new Intelligent Parker Amplifier or IPA, is a 1.5 axis servo drive/controller based on the ACR control platform.
Available in two power levels, 400W and 1500W, the IPA can drive a wide range of rotary and linear motors and supports a number of industry standard feedback protocols. The IPA provides a dual port Ethernet interface which gives the machine builder the flexibility needed to create cost effective motion control solutions.

The IPA operates as a fully programmable stand-alone motion controller with on-board I/O and virtual axis capability or can be integrated into a PLC or PC-based machine control solution. Software tools are included to optimize motion performance and efficiently monitor and manage the application.

 4 programmable digital outputs, 5-24 VDC
 7 programmable digital inputs, 5-24 VDC
 Analog Inputs: 2 @ 12-bit resolution
 100 Base-T, Dual RJ-45 connectors
 EtherNet/IP Conformance Tested
 UL 508c, CE (LVD), CE (EMC), RoHS
P-Series Drive Variants
IPA04-HC1Ø- 120/24024 VDC (opt)7 Programmable4 Programmable2 @ 12 bit39UL | cUL | CE | RoHS

IPA15-HC1Ø- 120/24024 VDC (opt)7 Programmable4 Programmable2 @ 12 bit918.9UL | cUL | CE | RoHS

* See data sheet for full specifications

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