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Parker 230/460VAC Rotary Servo Motors

Parker MPP / MPJ Low and High inertia, rotary servo motors are available in a wide range of configurations to meet your required specifications.
MPP Motor Features include segmented core technology, a very high torque-to-inertia ratio, and potted stator design for thermal efficiency. These brushless servo motors employ high performance neodymium magnets, built in thermistor protection, and can be configured with Resolver, incremental encoder, or single- or multiturn absolute encoders.
Available continuous stall torque ranges from 1.5 Nm (14 lb-in) to 157 Nm (1396 lb-in) and Peak torque values range from 5 Nm (44 lb-in) to 513 Nm (4540 lb-in) MPP servo motors are available in 92, 100, 115, 142, 190 and 270 frame sizes whereas MPJ servo motors are available in 92,100, 115 and 142 frame sizes.
Options include 24 volt failsafe brake, and IP65 shaft seal (IP64 is standard)

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