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Parker P-Series

Compact Servo Drives

400 to 3.5kW power output | 120/240 VAC Input

P-Series Drive The Parker P Series servo system combines compact, flexible, advanced functionality drives with high performance motors for a superior servo system, providing unique value to machine builders.
These drives operate with a variety of machine control architectures and offer sophisticated servo capability. A number of different feedback types are supported to drive a wide range of linear and rotary servo motors. The best matches are the P-Series motors, which include absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the drives for simplified commissioning.

Accurate and easy to use inertia detection leads to fast set-up of tuning parameters and minimal settling time. Advanced filtering and vibration suppression features can be used to increase throughput and improve positioning performance.

The Pulse version of the drive can be configured for step and direction control input and includes analog inputs for torque or velocity control. Select Indexer mode to create up to 64 position table entries triggered via inputs or over a RS422 interface.

For high speed, real-time network applications, the P-Series is available with EtherCAT, the fastest growing, most flexible industrial Ethernet protocol. Ideal for use with the Parker Automation Controller, the P-Series also follows the open standards for EtherCAT.

 EtherCAT communications
 Indexer mode for pre-set positioning
 USB communications for convenient set-up
 Rotary or linear servo motor control
 400 to 3.5kW power output
 120/240VAC single and three-phase power input
 CE (EMC & LVD), UL recognized
 Configurable Dynamic Braking response
P-Series Drive Variants
PD-04C1Ø120 1Ø-3Ø 23039UL | cUL | CE 50/60 Hz

PD-10C1Ø-3Ø 2306.7520.25UL | cUL | CE 50/60 Hz

PD-35C1Ø-3Ø 23016.750.1UL | cUL | CE 50/60 Hz

PD-04P1Ø120 1Ø-3Ø 23039UL | cUL | CE 50/60 Hz

PD-10P1Ø-3Ø 2306.7520.25UL | cUL | CE 50/60 Hz

PD-35P1Ø-3Ø 23016.750.1UL | cUL | CE 50/60 Hz

* See data sheet for full specifications

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