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Parker P-Series 230VAC Rotary Servo Motors

When used with Parker P-Series Compact Servo Drives, these rotary servo motors offer a solid and compact system capable of operating with a variety of control architectures while offering sophisticated servo functionality.

P-Series Motor There are three frame sizes available, 40mm (FAL), 60mm (FBL), and 80mm (FCL) - IP67 (body and connectors, not shaft). Available rated torque for Parker P-Series servo motors ranges from .16 Nm (1.4 lb-in) to 3.18 Nm (28.1 lb-in) while Peak torque values range from .48 Nm (4.2 lb-in) to 9.55 Nm (84.5 lb-in)

The P-Series servo motors include multi-turn absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the P-Series Compact servo drives for simplified commissioning.

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