404LXR Positioner Parker's 404LXR is a slotless, brushless linear servo motor/square rail bearing positioner housed within a high strength, extruded aluminum body with magnetically retained protective seals.
The positioner is powered by a single rail of high energy rare earth magnets. Load bearing members provide heavy load and moment capacity, dynamic stiffness and precise straightness and flatness of travel.

The positioner’s integral linear encoder provides high precision, non-contact positional feedback with selectable resolutions from 0.1 to 5.0 microns.
The positioner is also offered with inductive proximity limit & home sensors, a “Quick Connect”, extended life, and a cable transport system.

404LXR Specifications

* See Data Sheet For Full Specifications
404LXR98 mmLinear MotorSlotless Servo MotorDual Square Rail1000 mm3 m/sec49 m/sec21 μm441 N441 N50 NCleanroom (Class 1000 - Standard)Linear Encoder: .1μm | .5μm | 1μm or 5μm502.32.01808.37.225.1521.7825.1510.22.633406.315125280421.58

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