Parker XFC Series

Extreme Force Actuators

XFC The XFC Series is Parker's Extreme Force Electric Thrust Cylinder designed to provide machine builders a high force electromechanical solution while offering long life, minimal maintenance, low operating costs, and structural rigidity.
Featuring a roller screw drive technology, this industrially hardened cylinder product utilizes an all steel construction and is manufactured to standard metric hydraulic tie rod design. The resulting cylinder offers significantly greater levels of control in addition to being an energy efficient fluid power substitute.

With the integration of roller screw technology, the XFC Series can achieve far greater thrust capacities than typical electric cylinders and boasts a maximum thrust force range up to 356,000N (80,000lbs).
The key to the roller screw design is the utilization of planetary rollers in place of typical ball bearings as the primary rolling elements. The rollers provide an increased number of contact surfaces between the screw shaft and the roller nut. Increasing the total number of contact points allows the XFC to achieve such high force characteristics and makes it ideal for shock loading applications relative to typical ball screw technology.

XFC Mounts

XFC Series Variants

XFC07576.2Screw5 | 10 11501.02±0.03 4000040000

XFC09090Screw5 | 10 17000.71±0.03 6800068000

XFC115115Screw5 | 10 20000.55±0.03108000108000

XFC140140Screw5 | 1020000.44±0.03160000160000

XFC165165Screw10 | 2020000.71±0.05240000240000

XFC190190Screw10 | 2020000.57±0.05356000356000

*See Datasheet For Full Specifications

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